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PSA WSF Satellite #1 Results Day Three

In the PSA WSF Satellite #1 tournament, there were exciting matches in both the women's and men's semifinals. Wong Heng Wai of Malaysia faced off against compatriot Whitney Isabelle in a tight match that went to five games, with Wong ultimately emerging victorious 3

-2. In the other women's semifinal, Shasmithaa of Malaysia fell in straight sets to Ain Jun of Korea. In the men's semifinals, top-seeded Muhammad Amir Amirul of Malaysia defeated Jeongmin Ryu of Korea 3-1, while Minwoo Lee of Korea beat Harith Danial of Malaysia 3-1 in a hard-fought battle.

Full Results Day 3

PSA WSF Satellite #1 Women’s Result Semifinal

Wong Heng Wai (1) (MAS) vs Whitney Isabelle (MAS)

10-12,9-11,11-7,11-5,11-9 (3-2)

Ain Jun (KOR) vs Shasmithaa (2) (MAS)

5-11,5-11,9-11 (0-3)

PSA WSF Satellite #1 Men’s Result Semifinal

Muhammad Amir Amirul (1) (MAS) vs Jeongmin Ryu (9/16) (KOR)

7-11,11-4,12-10,11-8 (3-1)

Minwoo Lee (3/4) (KOR) vs Harith Danial (2) (MAS)

11-9,11-5,9-11,11-6 (3-1)

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