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Physiotherapy for Squash

Squash: just like every other sport, can be very physically demanding, especially when played at the higher level. A squash athlete needs to be physically conditioned to withstand multiple sets of quick maneuvers, while trying to generate power with every swing of the racket. Hours of practice sessions and matches would definitely take a toll on the body; especially when physical conditioning and recovery are not adequate.

Physiotherapy, or also known as physical therapy, is an essential part of competitive squash for the longest of times. The idea of seeing a rehab professional is usually to rehabilitate, or work around injury to get better over time. However, what is lesser known by the public; is that it is a good idea to see a physiotherapist to prevent any injuries, and to help improve performance in the long run. Prevention is always better than cure.

To run you through a session with a physiotherapist; it starts with an assessment. The rehab professional and the client, will run through areas of concern. Then, a movement assessment is carried out, which will consist, but not limited to assessing aspects of movement such as:

  • Range of motion;

  • Flexibility;

  • Muscle strength;

  • Stability;

  • Balance;

  • and agility to name a few.

Once the client’s weak areas are identified, a tailored rehab program is discussed to address his/her specific needs and goals, for them to move more efficiently. The interventions used in the program may include:

  • Hands on techniques for recovery such as, sports massage, joint mobilization, and passive stretching.

  • Usage of electrical modalities to reduce pain and speed up recovery process.

  • Exercise rehabilitation which will consist of elements such as warm up, strength, power, plyometrics and balance to name a few.

Physical therapists work hand in hand with squash coaches to establish recovery protocols, identify workload and intensity, and manage them to ensure the athlete builds enough physical capacity to endure the demands of the sport.

At KL Kinetic, we specialize in helping squash athletes, and also the general population in

achieving their physical goals through exercise-based rehabilitation. Drop us your enquiries by contacting +60126693151 or visit us on Facebook or Instagram @klkinetic.

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